Chica en Arica: Temuc-uh-oh.

With a green face and chunky hair, I’m currently discovering the many uses of palta (avocado) which is absurdly cheap and unsurprisingly delicious here in Chile. Procrastinating on research and reading, the joys of sharing a hotel room with a friend!

This morning, we left Arica for the south of the country, to Temuco. Tomorrow starts our programs with the Mapuche indegenous groups that live down here; we’ll be learning about Medical Anthropology and traditional healing and medicine. Needless to say, I’m really excited to learn all about it. The first flight began without any events, but as we were coming into land at the Santiago Airport (for a layover) the plane was coming in way too fast, the wheels hit the ground, we bounced and went back up into the air. At first I felt surprise, then I felt nausea; our re-ascent and re-decent were pretty bumpy. We landed safely and eventually made it to Temuco. As soon as we could see the ground in Temuco, everyone starting gawking. Compared to the desert we’ve been staying in Arica, it seemed like Eden. It reminded me a lot of the pacific north west, really lush and dark green, with a few massive snow-capped volcanoes off in the background. When we stepped off the plane, the air smelled like burning wood, and the air was beautifully cool and crisp.

I’m going to need to start my research for my final project, so that’s all for now!

Chica en Arica: Packing Up

I’ve still got a week in the states, but my head is all but in Chile already. This is the first post in my first blog series, “Chica en Arica,” which will detail my daily/weekly activities while I’m abroad, for the reading pleasure of whoever.

I took some pictures this past week, marking the preparations I’ve been making for the trip (don’t worry, not boring pictures of my student visa, although that was a process). These first photos were the result of me playing around with my camera some more; I found out that it has a really nice “food” setting that makes my concoctions appear unrealistically delicious. Before my housemate went back to her home in Oregon, our last morning together, we made some awesome banana pancakes with fried eggs.

banana pancakestack of pancakespart of a complete breakfast

Today was my last day of work. I work in a bio lab at school as a lab assistant (not doing any fancy research or anything, just taking care of the flatworms). All summer, I’ve really enjoyed working with my superiors and colleagues, and the atmosphere at work is relaxed. I was surprised by a little going away present by one of the guys who works with the frogs: a little marzipan frog treat from the local pastry place. Every time I see these little guys in the display counter, I wonder what the radioactively colored guys would taste like. Answer: amazing. The best part of this gift, though, was that, because we always talked about Game of Thrones (a new-found favorite show of mine this summer), my colleague decorated the box with GOT pictures. Such a great gift.

marzipan frog marzipan frog 2